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Good Morning everyone!


I’ve been MIA for far to long! I promise I’m trying harder to remember to blog. I always write it down in my planner to include it in my day but studying for a second portion of the CPA exam is already taking up most of my free time. I have quite a bit to catch you all up on, as well as a few posts in the works for throughout this week and next. I’m going to try to plan a few “themed day” posts that I can follow each week, which hopefully will help make content creation a little more fluid. I have a bag review coming up for you guys, a clothing box subscription to share, a huge life update, and a recap of a super fun weekend I had in Boston attending the Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) gaming tradeshow. A little bit of fashion, a little bit of lifestyle, and a little bit of nerd. I’m excited to get more of a schedule down and really start putting out some more content. I really do love writing these posts, taking photos and editing the media for them, and in general flexing the few creative muscles I do have to come up with these. I’m excited to get back into it!



xo, Karli