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Catching Up

Catching Up

I definitely didn’t start my first week off blogging with as many posts as I had intended. But that’s okay! A lot has happened over the past week and I’ve had to do a lot of mental rebuilding. I took a break from social media and focused on my situation and now I feel well enough to get back into the swing of things.

Last Thursday we went to the Indian’s game for a company outing. I love when our company attends events together as a group. It’s always so much fun getting to know everyone outside of work hours. We all can relax and drink a few beers and it feels like one big happy family. For the most part, anyway.

Shirt: The Essential Shirt / The Limited
Skirt: Pleated A-Line Skirt / The Limited
Shoes: Gianni Bini (purchased at Dillards clearance sale in the Spring)
Necklace: Faux Gem Statement Necklace / Forever 21 

My outfit for the workday was one of my favorites. You’ll recognize it from the mirror pic in my first post! This is only my second time wearing it but it makes me feel like a million dollars.

Of course, I wasn’t going to wear this to the Indian’s game. I did bring a pair of leggings, a t shirt, and comfy sandals to walk around in. And I ended up buying a hat from the team shop at the stadium. Such a cute hat, I absolutely love it!

The game itself was great. We ended up winning, which was shocking because they’ve lost every game I’ve ever attended. Which in their defense isn’t that many games, and they HAVE been on a winning streak, but I have to admit I was a little nervous attending. I felt like I would jinx our winning streak! Luck was on their side, and they made thousands of fans happy that night. Our group made it on the new jumbotron twice during the game. I was lucky enough to have my phone ready the second time! I’m convinced they just loved my sister’s “SPORTS” t shirt. Too cute.

Friday I worked from home for half the day then took the remainder of the day off work. My mom and I went to Olive Garden for lunch for some chicken and gnocchi soup, salad, and the ever wonderful breadsticks. And even though it was the middle of the day we both enjoyed some delicious wine with our lunch. We found ourselves at the mall afterward, where I feel like I hit the jackpot with some gorgeous neon pink Jessica Simpson pumps. They were having an insane sale at Dillard’s: extra 60% off the already reduced sales price. We purchased four pairs of shoes for just over $60, brands including Sperry, Jessica Simpson, and Minnetonka. I’m super happy with everything!

Leggings: VS Pink (from Summer collection)
Shoes: Jessica Simpson Claudette Pumps — Laser Pink (I got these for $27 in-store at the Dillard’s clearance sale!)

Don’t worry, I didn’t actually wear those shoes out with those leggings. That would’ve been too wild of a look for me! I changed into my trusty Sanuk sandals after taking this photo.

Saturday and Sunday were pretty chill days. I mostly stayed home and relaxed all weekend. Cam and I took a trip to Home Goods and stocked up on a few random halloween decorations, and I also snagged a super cute clipboard / notepad combo for work. We went from Home Goods to his mom’s to watch the football game. The poor Brown’s got it handed to them, as always. We’ll have some decent luck eventually (I hope). My outfit on Sunday had absolutely nothing to do with supporting my team, but unfortunately I only own one Brown’s tee and it was in the wash from the week before. I’ve really been slacking on the laundry lately. But it was the first fall feeling day in Ohio in a while, and I really like the outfit I came up with.

Jacket: American Eagle (old)
Sweater:  Bateau Sweater / The Limited
Pants: Refuge “Hi-Waist Skinny” Jeans / Charlotte Russe
Boots: Bucco Grania Metal Plate Bootie / purchased from Hautelook (linked sister company Nordstrom Rack)
Bag: Merona faux leather satchel in butternut / Target
Necklace: Francescas (old)

A whole week has come and gone since I started this post. While I tossed around the idea of adding a few more days here, I decided to end it and start tomorrow with new, fresh content. On that note, catch ya on the next post!

xo, Karli

A Little About Me

Is my first photo on my blog really going to be a selfie? Yes. Wait…seriously a MIRROR PIC? … Yup. Okay. I’ll let it slide this once. Sorry for the lack of professionalism here, but with my excitement I’m not patient enough to wait for actual photos before creating my first post. Nothing special here today, folks. I wanted to introduce myself to you more fully than the front page description, and touch on some things I really plan on digging in to for this blog!

I’ll start off with me: Karli. The girl who seriously took a bathroom mirror selfie at work and decided that it would be the best picture to use for this post. It’s the only decent selfie I have from the past three weeks (!!), so that tells you how often I take [decent] photos of myself. I’m 5’1″ (just recently found this out, thought I was an inch taller! But that’s a story for another day), 135 lbs, a dog lover, a cat tolerator, and a girl of many hobbies. I love collecting stationary: fountain pens are my weakness and journals even more so. I’ve taken up bullet journaling just this year and I’m addicted! I even have a seperate journal for this blog. I’ve kept diaries since I was in elementary school, so this addiction definitely isn’t shocking news. It is perhaps a bit painful though, fueled as it is by an adult salary…

This next hobby of mine is a lot newer, also fueled by an adult salary: fashion. I never really was into dressing nice during high school. In fact, nine times out of ten I was wearing a ratty pair of $5 jeans and an oversized hoodie. I could have cared LESS how I looked back then. Turns out, things change when you work a 9-5. Even though our office is officially “casual-Friday-all-week” kind of laid back, you won’t stop me from wearing pencil skirts and button ups and heels. Okay okay, I’ll wear a sweater and jeans other days too. But still! I love finding pieces that make me feel confident, and I can’t wait to share with you some of my favorite finds from some of my favorite stores, including (but not limited to) The Limited, Nordstrom Rack, Charlotte Russe, Express, Target (any other Target addicts out there?!), Athleta, and Fabletics. Yes, I will throw some workout outfits in here too. Activewear is pretty much what you’ll find me in all weekend long, whether or not a trip to the gym is in order. It’s just so dang comfy! And with athleisure items becoming such a fashion statement, it’s not hard to come across great looking pieces that go easily from the gym to brunch!

Last but not least, one of the other categories I plan on spending quite some time on with this blog is my love for nature and being outdoors. I’ve been traveling around the country with my family since I was a child. We’ve camped in more states than I can count on two hands, some of them multiple times! We’ve road-tripped our way to Yellowstone, Yosemite, Glacier National Park, the Grand Canyon, Cade’s Cove, and Acadia National Park. I’ve been blessed with an amazing opportunity to see so much of our country and really take in the natural (and sometimes not-so-natural) beauty of it. Outside of those adventures, I like to try to get outside more by taking Willow on hikes or jogs through local metroparks. The clear-minded feeling you have after a five mile hike through the woods with just your dog, your day pack, and the sound of gravel under your boots is unlike any other clarity. It’s my own form of meditating, and I swear by it as a cure for when you’re feeling down.


Now that you’ve read through this longer-than-intended intro, you have a little taste of what this blog will be. Whether or not this is followed, I intend to have a TON of fun with it. This blog will be my self-expression, my lifestyle, and all the words I want to say out loud but don’t necessarily know how to. I’m really excited to see where this blog leads, and I hope you enjoy what you see!


XO , Karli