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Trunk Club Review – Athleisure Edit

Trunk Club Review – Athleisure Edit

**I paid for my items and styling fees, and receive no benefits from this review. I simply wanted to share my finds with you! Enjoy! **

My addiction to shopping knows no bounds. I love every bit of it: the stores, the browsing (normally with coffee in hand), and the excitement of finding the next “perfect thing”. I’m always on the hunt for a particular piece. Bonus points if it’s on sale! Due to this love of the entire experience, I shocked myself when I decided to subscribe to a clothing box. You’ve all heard of them: Stitch Fix, Le Tote, Trunk Club. You pay them a styling fee and after taking a quiz they put together some pieces for you and send them along! For Trunk Club, the fee is $25, and this amount will be credited off any items you decide to keep from the box. Everything else is sent back with the provided shipping stickers within five business days of receiving the box. This gives you five days to really decide whether or not to keep an item.

I decided to try the Athleisure box. I live in athletic wear outside of work hours, so I was really excited to see what new styles my stylist would have me try. Via the app or website you can see the original 10 items your stylist has selected for you. I go through each one and decide what I definitely want to try, and what doesn’t quite look like my style (or, normally, what’s out of my price range). They will replace any items you decided against preliminarily, and then your box is sent! My stylist so far has been GREAT with finding me dupes and replacements. On my first ever box I nixxed a pair of jeans that were $120, and she sent me a very similar pair that rang in around $70 but are easily the MOST comfortable jeans ever. Definitely kept them. I’ve had really good luck with Trunks before (check out this sweet jacket, for example!) so I was bouncing on the balls of my feet when I got the notifcation that my Trunk had been delivered!

My trunk came with these items:


1. Nike Free RN Flyknit 2 Running Shoe ($120)
2. Nike Dry Training Tank ($40)
3. Nike Roshe Two FlyKnit Sneaker ($130)  [[currently on sale on Nike’s website for $89.97 in seven different colors!]] 4. Coast Capris by Alo Yoga ($94)
5. Nike ‘Element’ Dri-FIT Half Zip Performance Top ($65)
6. Flex Sports Bra by Zella Body ($39)
7. 24/7 Racerback Tank by Zella ($39)
8. Recharge Keyhole Bralette by Zella Body ($23.40 on sale!)
9. Heartbeat LS Tee by Zella ($49)
10. Nike Flex Dri-FIT Training Jacket ($90, on sale for $69.96!)


I really wanted to like everything. Due to budget constraints, I was only willling to spend anywhere from $50-$150. So I tried on everything for a good long while to really get a feel for it.


The Nike jacket was neat. Pretty comfortable, an interesting matte-looking black color, a slight hi-lo cut, and really cute mesh on the upper back of the jacket that was only the slightest bit see-through. I really wanted to love this item! Unfortunately, I feel like where the jacket hit on my hips was a little too high. I have a small torso, and tops that draw attention to that are usually a no-no for me. It went back in the box.

The 24/7 Racerback Tank was one that I really thought I was going to keep (worn here with the Alo Yoga leggings). I actually really enjoyed the fit of this. It was a little tight in the tummy, but still super comfortable. The only reason I decided to send this back? While it looks a cute faded pink in the photo, it’s actually really thin pink and white stripes. I’m not the biggest fan of little stripes unfortunately. With athletic clothes I stick to plain colors or some modest graphics, but that’s about it. So, sadly, this went back. I do have it favorited though in case I feel like purchasing in a different color in the future!

I will say I adored the Element Half Zip. This thing was unbelievably comfortable. The color is identical to a McDonald’s Shamrock shake, which actually really liked about it. I don’t own anything this color! If this were maybe $45, I probably would have kept it. But due to my budget constraints (and the item I had my eye on), this ended up going back.

I loved combining the Flex Sports Bra by Zella and the Nike Dry Training Tank. I see this look on a lot of fitness bloggers and I love how cute and simple it is. I unfortunately did not keep either of these items either: the tank was too tight and I would never wear it out of the house. The sports bra was cute, but didn’t have the support that I prefer. Even though I’m a B, I still prefer feeling secure in my sports bras. Both of these went back.

“Gee, did she keep anything?!” you ask? Yes. I did. We’re getting there I promise!

These. These were cute. The mesh cutouts were large but still felt secure. I always worry about mesh snagging, and I felt like these were thick enough that it wouldn’t be a concern. I’ve always wanted to try a pair of Alo leggings. I have to say, while they were pretty comfortable I wouldn’t say they were more comfortable than my favorite pair of Forever 21 leggings. Is that horrible? I do have a few Alo leggings on my wishlist. I adore the moto-style ones. If I would have received a pair of those, I probably would have kept them! These, unfortunately, as I’m sure you can already guess, went back to my stylist.

As I’m sure you’re starting to guess, it came down to the shoes. Of course, the shoes. Why wouldn’t it be the shoes? I have a shoe ADDICTION. And I’ve really been itching for a new pair of Nikes. The last time I  owned good Nike shoes were my Free Run 2.0 back four or five years ago, simple black and white. I wore them until my toes wore holes into the fabric on the side. I wore them running, training, walking, hiking, to school, to work, EVERYWHERE. I’m shocked they lasted as long as they did. So getting to try on these two cute pairs of shoes was a lot of fun, and I just knew I was going to end up keeping one of them.

Honestly, I thought it was going to be a more difficult decision. I tried on the Roshe’s, and they were nice. Decently comfortable, probably a good walking shoe. When I first saw the shoes I would be getting in my trunk I was convinced these were the ones I would be getting. I liked the colors in the photo, and loved the half black half white sole. Unfortuntely I didn’t like the shoe as much ON. I felt like I noticed more of the dark blue, less of the mint. And if anything, I preferred the mint.

I didn’t think I was going to enjoy the Free Run Flyknit shoes. I never thought I’d like the Flyknit, although I’ve only ever heard good things. I thought it would feel to flimsy, to awkward with socks, not sturdy enough for my wants and needs. Boy was I WRONG. These shoes are the most comfortable shoes I own. It’s almost as if someone just took the sole and attached it to my foot. I feel like I’m wearing nothing, but still have tons of support. They’re great for running (for me! always learn more about your running style and cushioning needs before going out and buyihg a running shoe!) and training and walking. I haven’t worn them outside yet because of all the rain. My other pair of running shoes are grey and pink and have a HUGE brown mud stain on them. I’ve learned that lesson. Indoors only for a while.

So, I kept the Nike Free Run shoes, and everything else went back.


I had a lot of fun with the Athleisure Box. I definitely think I’ll try one again in the future. For now, I’ll stick to everyday wear. I should probably start working out more regularly before spending more money on athletic gear!

Do you participate in a style-box service? Which one do you use? What have been some of your favorite pieces? Tell me all about it in the comments below!


xo, Karli


Turning 25


Turning 25. Here we are. This is it. Is this considered a milestone birthday? If not, it really should be. 25 means so much,somehow. 25 is different. 25, and now I’m closer to 30 than I am to 20. 25, and I have a career and my own place and adulthood is really starting. 25, and a person I thought I was going to lose in my life ended up asking me to marry him (!!!). 24 brought so much: adventure, happiness, heartache…the whole nine yards really. Despite all the wonderful moments of being 24, I’m beyond ready for this next year. 24 was hard. But I don’t want to remember it for its hardships, and I don’t want to carry that dead weight with me into 25. I want this year to be the year I blossom into the person I feel I am on the inside. I want to show the world who I am, who I really am, besides just a wine loving shop-a-holic who really likes purses and shoes. I promise there is so much more to me than that, so much more that, at 25, I’m still discovering.

My favorite moments from this past year are those shared with family and my fiance. Driving through the night from Ohio to Townsend, TN just in time to see the sunrise. Spending a week exploring mountains and hiking and camping. Long weekends spent camping in more local places, just to be outdoors. The beers and the fires and the laughter. The random group texts for happy hours and gathering to just have a simple good time. Those are the types of moments that stand out to me the most. These moments have a hold over my heart, and are the moments I look back on when I need to lift my spirits and feel thankfulness and gratitude.

I also started a blog! I’ve always wanted to do it, and 24 was the year I finally made it happen. Maybe I haven’t been the best in keeping up with it, but just allowing myself the freedom to find a new hobby (and a creative one at that) has been so refreshing. I’ve always done the same old thing, so this was a step in a new direction for me. I’m super excited to see where I can take this in the next year.

There was so much about 24 that was great. I want to do so much more now with 25. I really want to make this the BEST year of my life. I can’t wait to see what I can accomplish!


xo, Karli

Coffee Talk – Catching Up

Coffee Talk – Catching Up

Good Morning everyone!


I’ve been MIA for far to long! I promise I’m trying harder to remember to blog. I always write it down in my planner to include it in my day but studying for a second portion of the CPA exam is already taking up most of my free time. I have quite a bit to catch you all up on, as well as a few posts in the works for throughout this week and next. I’m going to try to plan a few “themed day” posts that I can follow each week, which hopefully will help make content creation a little more fluid. I have a bag review coming up for you guys, a clothing box subscription to share, a huge life update, and a recap of a super fun weekend I had in Boston attending the Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) gaming tradeshow. A little bit of fashion, a little bit of lifestyle, and a little bit of nerd. I’m excited to get more of a schedule down and really start putting out some more content. I really do love writing these posts, taking photos and editing the media for them, and in general flexing the few creative muscles I do have to come up with these. I’m excited to get back into it!



xo, Karli



Trend Alert : Slip-On Shoes

Trend Alert : Slip-On Shoes

Hey Everyone!

I apologize for being so dormant the past few weeks. It’s been hard squeezing in any free time while I’ve been studying before I sit for the first section of the CPA exam next week! I’ve been spending almost all of my free time studying and sleeping. I don’t have the highest of hopes for this first sitting. I’m pretty sure I rushed it a little honestly. But I’m going to go through with it for the experience of taking it and move forward from there.

In light of that, my life has been as low-key and low-maintenance as possible. I’ve been skipping makeup some days and dressing down more often. I’m fortunate to work in a place with a casual dress code, so I can get in and out of work and straight home to studying without fussing with changing into more comfortable attire.

One of my big go-to’s and most convenience pieces continues to be my slip-on sneakers. I adore the convenience and the sporty look they lend to a casual outfit! Plus, you may be able to find the perfect pair that is both cute AND comfortable. Functionality at its finest! Which is exactly what I need in the final days of preparing for this exam. Needless to say, I was unbelievably excited when InStyle magazine mentioned that the lace-less shoe will be an oncoming Spring trend! As if I needed an excuse to find or buy more shoes. Here is a roundup of some of my favorite slip on shoes:




1. PUMA FENTY by Rihanna in rose gold. These go for about $100 and also come in quite a few other colors at different price points. I particularly enjoy these black ones also! Both are on my wish list! I’m totally in love.

2. ‘Ecentrcq’ Sneaker by Steve Madden. I’m in love with the quilted look to these. Adding texture to any piece on an outfit helps give it dimension and make it look a little more put together. These come at a pretty decent price point of about $60.

3. Okay, these Salvatore Ferragmo Giolly slip-ons may be a bit on the flashy side but I could totally see myself wearing them. Unfortunately my wallet says no: with a price point of $795 these shoes unfortunately will never make their way into my collection. But they’re fun to look at for sure!

4. Michael Kors does it again for me with these super cute embellished Keaton slip-ons. I have a serious thing for gem embellishments, as long as they aren’t overdone. These shoes would go perfectly with my favorite embellished hat from The Limited (see below!).

5. Alright, so far my list has been a bit pricey. Number 5 comes in at a great price point of $19.99 from Target! These Lydia Canvas slip ons have been a go-to for me for years. I have both the taupe and black, and need to seriously consider purchasing newer pairs soon. Mine are finally wearing down after almost non-stop use for four years! Yikes! Totally worth the $20.

6. If you’re looking for the quilted look of the Steve Madden shoes in #1 but hoping for a lower price point, Target delivers again with these super cute quilted-look Reese slip-on sneakers. I love the crisp look of the white on these, but they’re on trend in pretty olive and blush colors as well! Ringing up at only $24.99 a pair, they are a great alternative to pricier styles.

7. These Monnie slip ons from Target (Mossimo) are a newer addition to my closet. I bought them as a convenient shoe for running quick errands while still maintaining a simple sporty look. They definitely do the job, and are a lot more comfortable than I had anticipated! And I get quite a few compliments on them, which is an added bonus. Highly considering purchasing them in black as well.


I hope you enjoyed the post! Did I miss any great shoes that you would recommend? If so, leave a comment below!


Thanks for stopping by!


xo, Karli

My Must Haves for Filofax and Bullet Journaling

My Must Haves for Filofax and Bullet Journaling

Hello Everyone! Today I want to share with you the way I stay organized with my planner! In 2016 I tried the bullet journal system for the first time ever, using the highly recommended Leuchtturm 1917 dot grid notebooks. I absolutely loved it! I wasn’t perfect by any means – there were a lot of days where I wouldn’t plan or write anything (I still do this, I’m so bad). But when I did need that extra reminder, my bullet journal was the perfect place to put it!

My version is modified beyond the true purpose of the bullet journal’s simplicity. While some bujo users stick to the simple method created by Ryder Carroll, many other users (myself included) have added our own twists and artistic flairs. It’s amazing how much creativity can be found inside the pages of someone’s journal! Rather than Ryder’s monthly list method, I would draw out a monthly calendar on a full spread. For my daily spreads I pretty much only used dots and hyphens, forgoing all of the symbols indicated for use by Ryder. I also liked to track expenses every month, as well as monitor my health and fitness goals. Those tracking pages were in list format, so I have not included photos in the blog post. If you are intereted I could always post a few snapshots over on my Instagram!


Come 2017, my Leuchtturm 1917 was completely full and it was time to start a new journal! But this year I decided to try implementing the bullet journal system into a Filofax planner! My planner-of-choice was the Filofax Saffiano in the special edition Rose Gold color, A5 size. I’m OBSESSED with rose gold, so I just had to have this color! My second favorite was definitely The Original in Fuschia, but that one runs quite a bit more expensive (although it is currently on sale for $80.50, orig. $115!). If I ever need a second planner I can see myself going back and getting this one as well. The color just really speaks to me.



My dividers just came in the mail the other day, and I’m so excited to have them! I ordered these from Minted Sugar over on Esty. I purchased both the dividers and a dashboard for the very front with a pocket, perfect for storing receipts for my expense tracking.

For my paper, I had to get creative. I ordered two Rhodia No. 16 Notepads from Goulet Pens (my favorite stationary company! They are so wonderful and helpful). These come perforated so they were perfect for the purpose of tearing from the notepad, hole punching, and inserting into my Filofax!  I put one notepad worth of paper in it, keeping the other as backup and also for playing with my brush lettering.

For the hole punch, I had to order a special one from Amazon. The official Filofax hole punch runs upwards of $60 and had poor ratings, so that was a no go for me. The Amazon Recommended product for the hole punch was the Open Industrial 6 hole punch which I purchased for just $19.75. With Amazon Prime, this showed up on my doorstep within 48 hours! It only punches about 4 pages at a time, but it punches clean and well and is perfect for the price and purpose. It took me just under 5 minutes to punch through a ream of the aforementioned Rhodia paper.

Through bullet journaling I became an avid pen-freak. I LOVE fountain pens (which is why I went all out with the Rhodia paper for my Filofax, I knew it would be perfect for the ink) and have only started my collection. I rely heavily on my turquoise Pilot Metropolitan pen with a fine nib (far left in above photo). This one is perfect for daily writing and is such a great introductory fountain pen. You can’t beat the price or ease of use! I use the Pilot Namiki black ink in this pen.

I use my black Staedtler fineliner pen in 0.3mm every day for drawing up the layouts (far right in above photo). The fineliners are a staple in most bullet journalist collections, but there are many other pens that are similar to choose from (I’ve heard the Stabilo pens are wonderful also!). The only complaints I’ve heard on these is the nib wearing down fast. SInce I write mainly with my fountain pen I can’t attest to the nib longevity on the fineliners, but I do have a backup pack of four black ones on hand just in case! You can find the Staedtler pens at Target if you’re interested in picking up a pack and don’t want to wait for shipping!



My all-time FAVORITE pen so far has to be my Edison Nouveau Premiere Spring 2016 Edition Water Lily. Whew, that’s a mouthful! Adequately nicknamed the “unicorn barf” pen, it is a beautiful swirl of aqua and a lilac/pink color. I was pleasantly surprised with it as a birthday gift, along with cartridges of both black and aqua Diamine ink cartridges. I currently have a trial size amount of Diamine Hope Pink ink in my pen. I absolutely LOVE this ink and fully intend on buying a full size bottle for use in this pen. I love the way the pink compliments the color on the pen!

I hope soon to add a new pen to my collection. I’ve been eyeballing the Matte Black Pilot Vanishing Point pen with a fine nib for quite some time now, and think it would be a professional, sleek pen to have. I’m nervous about having the clip being where I would write, but I also wonder if it wouldn’t make it easier to grip. I’m hoping they come out with a special edition of this one – Kara over at Boho Berry had a blue/purple gradient on that was limited edition that I love!



Of course, my collection wouldn’t be complete without some fun washi tape and stickers! I haven’t decorated the pages much in my Filofax, but my Leuchtturm saw washi tape quite often. These two rolls here are the newest from my collection and were purchased during my recent trip to Ohayocon, an anime convention in Ohio that I visited this past weekend. There is an artist whos booth I visited and apparently I had bought variations of her artwork before. This year I discovered it was all her work! I fan-girled a little bit, told her all about the first chrome-detailed piece I’d bought from her and a coffee mug/coaster I bought a year previously as well, all while purchasing two more prints (one with more chrome detailing), the tape, and the stickers! The artist is Cari Corene, and she runs the Etsy shop Story of the Door . For the two foxes in the stickers above she did a collab with Etsy artist Devil’s Bakery. Check them out if you want to see more of these two cute little foxes! They even wrote a children’s book of which the foxes are protagonists, so make sure to check that out if you have a little one at home!

So there you have it! All my necessities for planning in a Filofax. So far I’m really enjoying the migration to the FIlofax system from the Leuchtturm. My biggest peeve with the bound journal was having to constantly re-find spreads if I needed to migrate information. I really like having things grouped together, so being able to move pages around and keep information together and organized really makes me feel better. It’s also nice being able to throw away junk pages or mess-up pages. I hate looking at them. I’m not a perfectionist by any means but it just brings me no joy to flip through my pages and see big x’s and scratched off pages. Although I must say I miss the simplicity of just carrying around a little bound notebook and cracking it open to jot things in.

Do you plan in a bullet journal? What system do you use? Let me know in the comments below, or link me to your blog/instagram if you have photos! I love following other bullet journalists to get inspiration from their pages and soak in the creativity. I am NOT a creative person by any means, I can’t doodle to save my life. So when I see a well planned page with cute doodles and gorgeous handwriting it inspires me to try a little harder in practicing my own handwriting and doodling.

I hope you enjoyed the post! Thank you for stopping by, and I hope you have a wonderful Friday!


xo, Karli



Decluttering with Emily Ley

Decluttering with Emily Ley

A new year brings the itch to start from scratch. Unfortunately, we bury ourselves in so much during the year that starting fresh is pretty darn difficult. Starting from scratch means cleaning, donating, throwing away anything we don’t value. This process is a long and stressful one that I’ve never attempted because I never had much to begin with. Now as I’ve progressed through my career and my young adult life, I’ve accumulated quite the trove of things. The daunting task of going through and really cleaning up is too much. I still have boxes stacked up in an out-of-sight place that contained gifts from Christmas! Going through and figuring out what to keep, what to donate, what to toss…I don’t even like thinking about it!

Earlier this year I started following Emily Ley on Instagram and Twitter. She’s the creator of the Simplified Planner, a planner that I don’t use but the logic behind it really resonates with me. After reading her book Grace Not Perfection, I knew I was a lot like Emily – I wanted my life to be Pinterest perfect and beautiful, but I knew I wasn’t capable of maintaining that level of perfection. And in the attempt to create that “perfect home”, I have accumulated so many decorations. I need to buy more storage bins for the plethora of seasonal decorations I keep bringing home!

I’m like a chicken with its head cut off when it comes to decluttering. I’ll start with one thing, then run off on a tangent and start another little project before actually finishing the first one. Are you guilty of this? I’ll go into the living room to just tidy up and throw away some junk and before I know it I’m trying to organize my bookshelf alphabetically or by color, the garbage bag I was working on filling up laying next to me on the floor unused. It’s the worst, and it takes forever to get things done this way! Luckily for me (and those like me) Emily and her Simplified Planner team are doing a 30 day “Simplicity Challenge” to clean up and organize for the new year. I’m going to try to follow this challenge every day and see how my apartment will feel when it’s done! A clean home is a happy home, and my home is anything but! So hopefully following this challenge will lead me to a happier, more relaxed life at home!

Check out the challenge on The Simplified Planner’s instagram account and let’s clean up for the year together!


This post is in no way sponsored by Emily or The Simplified Planner, I just wanted to share because she is one of my favorite entreprenuers and she inspires me to be my better self and get my life together, and also I really feel this challenge will help me and my home!


xo, Karli