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Style Geek & Nature Freak

A lifestyle blog focused on fashion, health, a minor stationary addiction, and nature.

fueled by: coffee

Let me Introduce myself!

Hello! And welcome to my blog. This blog is a culmination of all things in life that bring me joy. While dabbling in fashion is a newer hobby of mine, stationary, video games, photography, and enjoying the beauty of nature are steadfast pasttimes from my childhood. I’ve created this blog to share these things with other like-minded individuals and to finally have a place for myself to be creative. Alongside many of my posts you may see two familar faces: my beautiful silver lab Willow (who just turned three this September! I’m not crying, you’re crying) and my kind-of-annoying-but-still-cute cat Toothless. These two are huge facets of my life and I don’t know who I’d be without them. So again, welcome! Be sure to stick around for coffee fueled posts with the perfect dose of furry cuteness.

Fave Finds Under $150 at the Nordstrom Sale

Ah, yes. The Nordstrom Half Annual Sale. Where hard earned money goes to be spent on things you don't need, but for some reason just have to have. Luckily I'm getting a little better at not blowing all my cash so quickly. While shopping the site, I was definitely...
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Calming Down Before Breaking Down

When life gets you down, it's so easy to get sucked into your emotions. It's easy to panic, to retreat from friendships and family, to lose your cool and lash out and those around you. It's easy to get angry and blame it on your feelings later. But it also totally...
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Treating Mom to Life’s Simple Joys

Mother's day is coming up, friends! And to those of you who love your momma and want to give her a wonderful Sunday, good for you! My mom has been a centerpiece of my life time and time again. She is always supportive, encouraging, and PROUD of me through all my...
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